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.Japanese aid as a prerequisite for FDI : the case of Southeast Asian countries

This study investigates the nexus beween |apan’s official development assistance and foreign direct investment inflows in Southeast Asian countries. An analysis of the geographical and sectoral decomposition of aid flows reveals that assistance programs were mainly allocated in tïe form of loans for economic infrasuucrure projects. This orientation attests that the needs ofthe recipient country are taken into account but also reveals that it is in keeping with a return on investment. Conditional logit analysis shows that Japanese aid flows did have a significant posirive impact on private investors’ location choice even tlough other profit-maximising factors such as agglomeration eflects or the quality of infrastrucrure had a leading spill-over effect. In a context of growing scarcity of aid funding, the study concludes by asserting the importance of a complementary process in which foreign aid is directed towards the development of infrastructure, acting as a pre -requisite for future direct investments. Finally, fapan providing an interesting case study, we will
stress the need for a better cooperation between the public and private sectors in development assistance programs.

Axe de recherche : Dynamiques, gouvernance et durabilité des territoires insulaires
Discipline : Economie

  AuteursBlaise, S
  Nom de la revueAsia Pacific Economic Papers
  Année de publication2009
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Blaise, S (2009). ".Japanese aid as a prerequisite for FDI : the case of Southeast Asian countries ", Asia Pacific Economic Papers, (N°385)31 p.,RIS,BibTeX
Université de la Nouvelle-Calédonie
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