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« School and linguistic diversity in French Oceanian Collectivities »

Références : SAM Léonard Drilë, PAIA Mirose, VERNAUDON Jacques, NOCUS Isabelle, SALAÜN Marie, FILLOL Véronique, 2010, « School and linguistic diversity in French Oceanian Collectivities », Actes du 11ème Inter-congrès des Sciences du Pacifique & 2ndes Assises de la recherche française dans le Pacifique, Papeete, édition en ligne et support CD.

Abstract : Whereas the French colonial education system advocated the eradication of local specificities with a view to promoting French linguistic and cultural assimilation (francisation), the contemporary educational systems in place in France’s Oceanian Collectivities have each made a commitment, according to their respective schedules, to implementing a process of plurilingual reform from nursery school level up. Although French remains the main language used in the schoolroom, the primary school syllabus already includes one to seven hours of native language teaching per week. However, implementation of this reform continues to give rise to a number of concerns. This article explores the issues and constraints involved by reviewing the current situation in terms of the legal frameworks and measures in place in the three Collectivities and by instancing the results of a longitudinal study designed to evaluate the effects of a bilingual French/Kanak teaching program in New Caledonian state primary schools. It also presents a research program funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (French National Research Agency), launched in New Caledonia, French Polynesia and French Guyana in 2009, which extends the scope of previous studies by assessing, firstly, the acquisition of bilingual writing skills at school and secondly, the conative dimension (self-concept and languages).

Key words : Linguistic diversity, plurilingualism, school/education, Oceanian languages, French-speaking, evaluation, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics

Axe de recherche : Pluralité linguistique et culturelle d’Océanie : création, description, formation
Discipline : psycholinguistique, sociolinguistique, didactique des langues

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